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Welcome to the CMP 250 "Access" Webpage.

We will start with a brief introduction to the Access Software. For those of you who were used to work with the 2003 Access version, it's pretty much the same, You just need to find out your benchmarks to handl it as a Professional. 

Because of the nature of the course, we will rely heavily on videos to present the main tricks, concepts, ideas and techniques that you are supposed to cover through this course. 

The following videos introduces you to the Access software and to its new interface.

 How to creat a table

You won't be asked to master all what this video is about at this level of your

learning. Focus more on the section about tables. You may skip the Relationship


 Introducion to forms

At this stage, you don't really need to master all what the video is about. We want you to have a general idea about what is a form in general and how and to what purpose can it be created and used.