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Organizational Behaviour  


Organizational  behaviour is the term used to describe the systematic study of a person's behaviour when employed in a business, a governmental agency, or other organizations. 

O.B. involves a study of the roles played by individuals in the organization and the relationships between those individuals. 

O.B. attempts to explain HOW and WHY people in business firms and other organizations, private or public, act as they do, singly and in groups. 

O.B. looks at the needs of managers, then it should:

  • Provide managers with a sounder understanding of the problems actually encountered in managing and working with people.
  • Help them realize the alternative solutions available when confronted by human relationship problems.

The Scope of Organizational Behaviour includes such topics as:

  • The needs people seek to achieve in their work. 
  • The formal and informal organization in the workplace.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Quality work Life.
  • Grouo Dynamics.
  • Types of leadership.